WordPress Website Setup Service for Businesses & Orgs

Quick and Simple WordPress Setup

You are just a phone call or email away from realizing your goal- a new or updated website for your business. If you have an existing site, call us before starting at step one so we can better prepare you.

WordPress websites allow business owners and their staff to easily add or change content- text, images or blog posts. If you can use a word processor, then you can manage your own WordPress site.

Step 1: Sign Up for Hosting with Bluehost

Choose your shared plan for WordPress site hosting

A special computer called a server is required to ‘host’ your website. We prefer Bluehost for hosting- they are great for WordPress websites. Their shared hosting service starts at $3.95/month. Just head to the shared hosting page and use the green ‘get started now’ button. Start with the most affordable one- you can always upgrade later if needed. They offer more expensive options, but those are likely more than you need starting out.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name / URL

The First screen you come to after choosing your plan looks like this:

Choosing domain name for WordPress friendly hosting
Choosing a domain name (URL) for your new WordPress site

This is where you’ll choose your new domain name, or point to an existing one if you already have a website. Try simply typing your business name into the ‘new domain’ side and see if it’s already available. Take some time with this decision, but also know that you can register a replacement domain name later if you change your mind. Then enter account details. Make sure and use a password you don’t mind lending us when you set up your Bluehost account- we’ll need to login to set up WordPress.

Step 3: Turn Us Loose

Seattle Tech Solutions will then set up your wordpress site, armed with just the login for your Bluehost account and any content you want to start with.  If you have an old site, we can transfer your previous content to your new one. We’ll set up email addresses for you and your staff and pick an initial theme.

Once we’ve got that done (usually in less than 2 hours) your site is up and ready for you, your staff or anyone else you delegate to put in all the text, images, videos, forms or anything else you might want.

Rely On Years of Experience

After launching dozens upon dozens of successful WordPress websites, we’ve got the routine down to a fast, smooth operation. If you feel comfortable exploring the WordPress backend on your own, you can make all the changes you’d like. If you’d prefer some guidance, we’ll come to your location of choice and work with you one-on-one until you feel comfortable running your own site.

Additional Services

Though not required, we can provide consulting in a number of areas to further strengthen your new web brand:

  • SEO, to help your page show up higher in Google and Bing rankings
  • Image editing / graphic design, to add a professional touch to your new site
  • Social media integration, to get your message out to as many customers as possible
  • Plugins, to add functionality and security to your WordPress site
  • WordPress Themes, to change the look and feel of your site

Call us today at (206) 965- 9269 or

write us at info@seattletechsolutions.com with the subject “WORDPRESS SETUP ASAP” for fastest response

  • Fast turnaround available seven days a week
  • Our rates for WordPress Setup: $60/hr
  • Service normally requires 1-3 hours of billable time
  • Work can be done in-person or remotely