MacBook Pro Flashing Folder w Question Mark Problem

Macbook Pro showing the startup screen with a flashing folder and question mark

When Your Macbook Pro Can’t See it’s Hard Drive

Your beloved Macbook Pro won’t start- when you power up, all it does is show a flashing icon of a folder with a ‘?’ on it.  This is a fear inducing moment, for sure. As you run through your head of the possible solutions, first you probably imagine a hard drive crash, since your HDD isn’t even showing up in Disk Utility. Maybe it’s the motherboard…a very expensive fix.

Maybe you even went to the trouble of having your drive replaced- only to find out that with the replacement drive, you still see the same annoying icon. You just want your mac back.

Common Defect in 2011-2012 Macbook Pros

Particularly in Macbook Pros from 2011 to 2012, there is a common failure that seems to be striking right now. Just recently we had two calls in a row from Macbook owners with this exact situation, but the good news is you probably don’t need a new HDD (though it would be really smart to replace your drive with a SSD at this stage).

The culprit in most cases is a defective ribbon cable. For some reason, Macbook Pros from 2011-2012 were built with unreliable hard drive cables, which our techs can replace & repair for you in a couple of hours.

Macbook Pro HDD Cable
Get your defective HDD cable repaired for $100

Repairs Can Be Done On-Site

There’s no need to leave your Macbook with us for this repair job. If you don’t want to drop it off, we’ll come to your home, office or favorite coffee shop and repair your Mac while you wait. Call us today at (206) 965 9269 or email us to set up an appointment. We cover the greater Seattle area and drive very low emission vehicles when responding to customer calls. We can respond in an emergency any time of the day or night.